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  • We are committed to transforming lives, careers, and communities through real estate.
  • We are a nationwide network of 181,000  highly experienced realtors!  
  • We get it...with DECADES of experience working in residential, commercial and property management, we bring our BEST to you!.
  • GUARANTEED SALE - for when times get a little want us on your team!


Partners and Directors

Pauline Dent | Founding Partner

Accomplished real estate professional with 30+ years in real estate with specific focus in the NEW HOMES!

Helping you secure the new home of your dreams!  


Bob Dillard | Founding Partner

Accomplished real estate professional helping sellers with a GUARANTEED sale of home program! Contact us regarding homes for sale anywhere you want to be!

Kerry Hritsik | Director of Operations

Accomplished Director of Operations skilled in keeping a thousand plates spinning at once.  Maintaining ACCOUNTABILITY within our team as well as to you; our treasured customers and clients!